Yandex Rank Tracker. How to check your rankings in Yandex Search?

Nowadays there are so many solutions for Yandex rank checking. I’ve tried plenty of them, but finally have chosen service, and I really recommend you to give it a try. It has full English version, PayPal and VISA/MasterCard payments. In addition to tracking positions of your website on Yandex, it is also available for Google, Bing and Yahoo.

It is created by Russian team, so you can be sure that they are aware of all the nuances of Yandex SERP and rank tracking.

How does it look like?

From the project panel you have access to all your websites with all the most important information like date of the last ranking update, number of keywords in Top, average position in Yandex SERP, etc.

Topvisor. Project view.

Clicking on the icon with the little graph, you may navigate to detailed statistics. Here is a simple project for a few key phrases:

Ranking of website on Yandex (Moscow)

When you create a new project you can either enter key phrases yourself, or find them using Yandex “Keyword Planner” Wordstat, or gather suggestions from Yandex, Google, Bing or Yahoo search results:

Keywords research for Yandex in

What about reports?

In the statistics section (click “Overview” at the sidebar) you can configure widgets that you need, like on Google Analytics or Yandex.Metrica dashboards. For example, you may want to compare the average position of tracked queries with your competitors, or keywords average position in all locations that you track.

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You can download reports in a nice PDF file or you can configure them to be sent to your e-mail on a particular day.

How much does it cost?

Besides great functionality and pleasant appearance, I like Topvisor for the fact that it has a very clear pricing policy. Unlike many alternatives, where you buy a monthly package with a limited number of phrases or domains, or software where you need to buy a proxy that is not always convenient. In Topvisor you pay $0.005 max for checking the ranking of one query in one search engine and in one location.

Service offers some discounts. The more money you put on your balance, the bigger discount you get. For example, if you add $30 for a month, it will be enough to track 245 key phrases 2 times a week in 3 locations on Yandex. Not bad, right?

In addition, you can track up to 5 competitors for free! Go to Settings > Competitors and add their domains there:

Track up to 5 competitors rankings on Yandex, Google, Bing, Yahoo

Oh, and final feature which I want to mention here. Yandex’s updates in search results are still quite rare — once a week on average. Firstly, you can check Yandex updates here. And secondly, you can configure your Yandex rank tracker to check your websites rankings only after the update of search results that will allow you to save money.

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How to check Yandex rankings without any service?

Well, you can always check your website rankings manually. Just enter (or,,, — depending on what country are you interested in) and then remember to change your default location. If you’re on the Yandex main page, then click either on your city name on the left side, or click Settings (Настройка) on the right side, and then click Change your city (Изменить город):

Yandex Search - how to change your location

If you are on a search results page, then scroll down, and click your city name, like on the screenshot:

Yandex Search - Change your region

You’ll see region settings page. You can change the language of this page at the bottom, by clicking on the flag.

By default Detect automatically checkbox is enabled. Disable the detection and enter a city that you want to check your ranking in, and click Save. You can type it in English:

That’s it, now if you enter a query on Russian or Ukrainian, you can see the actual position of your website in the specified location. Remember, that Yandex, the same as Google, uses search personalization, so your search results page may be different then mine or your colleagues’.

I hope you’ll find this short guide useful for your Yandex SEO activities. You can ask me a question by leaving a comment below!


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