Case study: effectiveness of VK sponsored posts

We often receive requests from potential customers for advertising on without fanpage. In this case the user from an ad goes directly to the landing page.

This kind of ads on VK gives you only 10% of its marketing potential. So in this article, I’d like to give you my arguments and describe the most effective form of VK ads at the moment.

You can read more about all the forms of advertising I wrote in my Guide to Vkontakte Advertising. But in this article I want to focus on advantages of the advertising using a fanpage in comparison with ads leading directly to the website.

Whether to send the user directly to your website?

So on VK you can advertise among others:

  • an external website
  • a community (group, public page, meeting)

To advertise an external website while not having a fanpage, you have only available one ad format — a small image and a short text in the left part of the site. It looks like this:

Some nuances of this format of advertising:

  • Located only to the left sidebar
  • Not displayed on mobile, so 40-50% of users will never see your ad
  • Ad can only have a small picture and a few words of text
  • Approximate CTR: 0,05-0,50%
  • The only available impressions limit — 100 per user
  • CPC or CPM model

As you can see, the size of such ads can only briefly describe your product or service. It’s often not enough if you have a new product for this market. You can experiment with texts, with images, increasing the click-through rate, but there is always a risk to attract users who are not interested in your product, and clicked just for fun or because of attractive image.

VK sponsored posts features

On the other hand, if you have your own fanpage (check out this guide on how to create fanpage on VK) you can use the tool, which currently gives the best results in our clients’ campaigns. It is called sponsored posts (in Runet we call it promo posts), i.e. posts are displayed in user’s newsfeed, the same as on Facebook. They look like this:

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Nuances of VK sponsored post:

  • Displays on the newsfeed and looks like a normal fanpage post
  • Appears on desktop and mobile
  • Multiple formats: photos, videos, call-to-action buttons
  • Ability to attach additional content: audio files, documents, survey, map, external links in the text
  • Users can share the post in their profile
  • Sponsored post can have a long text, large photos
  • Approximate CTR: 2-15%
  • Impressions limits: 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 15 or 20 views per user
  • Only CPM (pay per 1000 impressions) model

Long text allows you to describe in detail the essence of the proposal. Max. text limit is 16K characters, but the optimal text length is 250-280 characters, and it’s actually enough to make a great post: ask a question about your consumers “pain”, describe the solution and then call to action — subscribe, go to the group/fanpage, a website or personal messages.

Unlike Facebook, images can contain text that provides additional space for call-to-action or descriptions of product benefits, for example:

The effectiveness of sponsored posts on

Now let’s see, what are the effects of using promo posts on VK. As an example I take our client’s campaign, which we conducted in January and February for 30 days.

Screenshot presents statistics for a post that contained text describing the proposal, call-to-action for subscription, link to the group in the text as well as photo with logo and a short phrase about the essence of the proposal. Target group: women from Ukraine, Belarus and Russia, our client’s potential customers.

Total reach: 71 382 people
Impressions: 175 388
Total group clicks: 5 020
Gained subscribers: 2 203
Total campaign cost: 17 597,92 RUB ($303,76)

Simple calculations allow us to obtain additional statistics:

CTR (total group clicks / reach): 7%
CTR (total group clicks / impressions): 2,8%
Conversion into subscribers (gained subscribers / range): 3%
Cost per click: 3,00 RUB ($0,05)
Avg. cost of a subscriber: 7,98 RUB ($0,14)

People subscribe and click “like”, but for us more important is to start the conversation with them, to be able to offer the product. As you may have guessed, from the point of view of our client, this dialogue should begin as soon as possible :)

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Many users immediately after joining the group/fanpage ask questions about the products. This “hot” consumers are the highest priority target, therefore, in particular, the quality and speed of answers to questions affects their decision to buy or stay in the group.

In this case, the majority of posts in the group is commercial, and the strategy was not intended to create entertaining interactions with users. Therefore, all comments are related to prices, terms of purchase or delivery. The below screenshot shows that in this period we got ~95 of these comments:

Some users prefer to write private messages to the group. Unfortunately, VK does not provide full historical data for the private messages statistics, so the chart starts from February 6. During this period, there was 31 income messages:

In total we had over 120 contacts with customers and 2,200 subscriptions of potential customers, people interested in clients’ products.

The group description contains the full contact information of the company, so customers sometimes write directly to the support team using email or instant messaging. Unfortunately, such contacts we can’t measure, and client’s customer service managers are fully responsible for these requests.

It is worth remembering that the  results shown above (the average CPC, the cost of a subscriber, number of requests) depend on many factors , in particular on your type of business (B2B/B2C), region and characteristics of the target group. Therefore, to determine the averages for your company, you should always take into account that you need to make a test campaign. Marketing agency is unable to reliably estimate these indicators before your campaign actually starts.

I hope that I’ve convinced you to use the full potential of Facebook. In my opinion, one of the first steps should be to create a fanpage or group on VK and trying out sponsored posts campaign.

Here is my detailed guide to sponsored posts on VK:

 Have any questions regarding VK sponsored posts? Please, leave a comment or write me an email.  


  • KC Clark
    01.11.2017 at 19:31

    Hi Konstantin, my name is KC Clark. I’m handling some FB Ads and now VK Ads for an artist named Chad Lawson. We have had a fairly tough time with getting Ads approved on VK.

    Some of it has to do with the appropriate documentation for IP rights (intellectual property).

    The other problem has been the right amount of text and in some cases particular language.

    I’m not sure if you’re be willing to help in any way. But you’re articles and videos have been helpful on the basic setup and launch.

    We just seem to be running into some particular issues in the mechanics of an ad and how they’re approved etc.

    This would of course help in our creation of Ads.

    The ad objective is selling tickets for two shows. One in Moscow, one in St. Petersburg.

    • Konstantin Kanin
      01.11.2017 at 19:57

      Hi KC,
      could you please send me an email, let’s see if I can help.

  • Jake
    05.09.2019 at 11:31

    Hi and how is with lookalike audiences, custom audiences and other features that fb for example have? Is it possible to create that in VK

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