Guide to VK fanpage and group settings

It is essential to use the maximum potential which VK gives to your business. Every social media campaign should start with proper fanpage/group preparation.

In this text I describe a few steps to set up your VK community:

 Do you prefer to watch the video? Check out this content on Youtube: 
 Still confused what type of community you should choose — fanpage or group? This video might help you: 

Step 1. Upload your logo

First thing that you want to do is to upload your logo.

  1. Click on the Upload a photo button at the right side.
  2. Select file with the logo. It is recommended to use a square image.
  3. Select the proper position of your logo and Save.
  4. Now select area for the circle miniature. The miniature will be used for community posts, comments and lists. It will be also used when you upload your cover image.

Step 2. Upload cover image

  1. Click on the three dots below the logo and select Manage community.  
  2. Now select Community cover -> Upload.
  3. Your cover should be rectangular, and the recommended dimensions are 1590×400 px. Select your file with cover, upload it and save. Now the upper part of your community should look like this:

Step 3. Edit your community main details

  1. Now let’s input the description of your fanpage. It may have text, links and emojis.
  2. Then you can choose your Community type: a group may be open (so everyone can find and join it), closed (users can join it if they receive an invitation or send a request), or private (so no one can find it through the search box and only group management can invite a user to join it). In case of fanpage you can only have open fanpage, so there is no such option in the settings.
  3. Choose the short link for your community. If the address is available, you can take it. Try to make your link short and convenient for your users. It may be your brand name or any keyword related to your products or business.
  4. Click Save when you finished.VK group main information

Step 4. Edit additional settings

Common settings:

  1. Select a subject of your community.
  2. Leave age restriction option unchanged, unless you’re going to publish content only for the adults (e.g. erotic content, obscene words, references to drugs, image/description of cruelty or violence). Remember, that if you choose option 16 or 18 years and over your community will be excluded from the VK search.
  3. Add your website URL.


In case of a group your can provide your location (office, store address etc.)


In case of a fanpage you can provide the date of foundation of your business.

Step 5. Set up your community Sections

Now let’s set up all the sections of your community (photos, videos, discussions etc.).


Sections settings of a group look like this:


And fanpage sections settings like this:

As you can see in case of a fanpage you can only enable/disable specific section, and on a group you can also choose among different options — Disabled, OpenLimited. And Restricted, in case of Wall settings.

5.1 Wall

Wall on VK is basically the place where you publish your content.


Your group’s wall can be:

  • Disabled — there will be no posts.
  • Open — you, your admins and every user can publish posts on the wall and comment them.
  • Limited — only you and your admins can publish posts, users can only comment them (recommended, if you do not plan to have user generated content).
  • Restricted — only you and your admins can publish posts, and comments are disabled.
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As you can see on the screenshot above, there are no settings for fanpage Wall. But, you can disable comments (see the next step “Comments”).

5.2 Links


You cannot edit this section.


You can disable link section (not recommended).

5.3 Photos

This is the section for your photo albums. If you have a commercial community it is common for VK when you use it as a catalogue of your products. Feel free to make albums as categories, link “Women’s clothes”, “Men’s clothes” etc.


Group can have:

  • Disabled — there will be no photo section.
  • Open — every user can create new photo albums.
  • Limited — you and your admins can create new photo albums (recommended).


You can enable or disable photo section on fanpage. Enabled means that only your admins can create new albums and upload photos.

5.4 Videos

Similar to Photos section, but allows you to upload you own videos, create live streams or add videos from other sources such as Youtube, Vimeo etc.


Video section can be:

  • Disabled — there will be no videos section.
  • Open — every user can add new videos.
  • Limited — only your admins can add new videos (recommended).


Fanpage video section can be only enabled or disabled. When it’s enabled only your admins can add new videos.

5.5 Audio files

As you may have heard, VK nas its own music section. Users can upload music, audiobooks or any audio files. Artist also share their music on VK.

If you think that this might be a good source of additional content for your community, you can enable audio section. Then you can upload your own audio files or add music from VK music platform using searchbox, create playlists and then add them to your posts.



Audio section can be:

  • Disabled — there will be no audio section.
  • Open — every user can add new audio files.
  • Limited — only your admins can add new audio files (recommended).


Fanpage audio section can be only enabled or disabled. When it’s enabled only your admins can add new audio files.

5.6 Documents

This section is only available on groups. It allows you and your users to upload any kind of documents. Usually we use it to upload company’s offer, rules of service and rules of promotion, just in case.

The file may not exceed 200 MB and have following extensions: doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, rtf, pdf, png, jpg, gif, psd, djvu, fb2, ps and other formats. Your document must comply with copyright laws.


Documents section can be:

  • Disabled — there will be no documents section.
  • Open — every user can add new documents.
  • Limited — only your admins can add new documents (recommended).

5.7 Discussion board

This is one of the most important section for every commercial community. VK users love to look through discussions and check any customers’ opinions and reviews.

I recommend you to add at least two topics: Reviews and Q&A. Let your customers share their opinions about your business, products and services. This will definitely help others to make their decision whether to purchase your products.


Discussion board on group can be:

  • Disabled — there will be no discussion board.
  • Open — every user can start a new topic.
  • Limited — only your admins can start new topics (recommended).

If you have a group, you can place your discussion board right above the wall (recommended) or on the right sidebar.

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Fanpage discussion board can be only enabled or disabled. On fanpage you can place discussion board only on the right sidebar.

5.8 Wiki block

This section is only available on groups. Wiki block allows you to create additional pages inside your community and fill them with text and multimedia. The best example of using wiki block is an additional menu. Short animation below shows all the possibilities that it gives:

VK Wiki menu
As you might guess, creation of wiki menu is time consuming. So I suggest to invest your time in it only after you’ve installed the rest of sections and built your audience on VK.


Wiki section can be:

  • Disabled — there will be no wiki block (recommended).
  • Open — every user can create new pages using wiki block.
  • Limited — only your admins can create wiki block.

5.9 Events

This section is only available on fanpages. When you have a fanpage you can select yourself an organizer of an event (meet-up, conference, concert etc.). In this case all of your events will be shown on the right sidebar of your fanpage:

5.10 Places

This section is only available on fanpages. It allows you to add the addresses of your stores, restaurants, offices etc. The addresses will be shown on the right sidebar of your fanpage.

5.11 Contacts

This section is only available on fanpages. It allows you to add your manager’s contact information: VK profile (if you want), position, telephone, email. Contact information will be shown on the right sidebar of your fanpage:

5.12 Products

And the last section Products is typically commercial. It allows you to add your products or services. When you enable it, you will see the additional settings:

How to set up product section:

  1. Select your delivery regions.
  2. Choose whether you want users to leave the comments above your products.
  3. Choose your currency (Russian ruble is recommended. See my post about local payment service provider Yandex.Checkout).
  4. Choose contact person (one of your admins).
  5. Add your store description.

Step 6. Enable user comments

As I’ve described on the step 5.1, while setting up your group wall you can choose whether to have a open/limited wall (comments allowed) or restricted (comments disabled). In case of a fanpage you cannot change your wall settings (it is always enabled and open), but you can choose if the comments are enabled or disabled.

  1. Click on Manage community -> Comments.
  2. Choose Feedback: Enable comments
  3. Leave profanity filter enabled.
  4. If you would like to filter any kind of comments, you can enable keywords filter and enter keywords.

Step 7. Enable community private messages

Private messages are one of the most important ways to communicate with your customers. VK users often ask about prices and delivery conditions without reading the information on your fanpage or products section, so be ready.

Additional option is to add VK messages widget on your website, so VK users don’t have to write you email or leave your website — they can write you a message through VK chat. In this case you’ll receive a message as if they send it directly to your fanpage.

You can find the information about VK messages widget here.


 These are must-have VK settings, that we usually start our clients’ campaigns with. Of course, it is crucial to have content strategy developed specifically for VK, so newsfeed algorithms will boost its organic reach. And then to start your ad campaign using the proper advertising instruments, that I’ve described in my Guide to VK ads. But nevertheless, if you are new to VK, start with these simple steps described above.

 Thanks for reading! Have any questions? Please, leave a comment below. 


  • Jade
    29.10.2017 at 08:34

    My group will not display in search engine. What reasons could there be for this? It is an open group with no age restriction.

    • Konstantin Kanin
      30.10.2017 at 14:19

      Hi Jade, new communities may not show up the in VK search results. It may take a few weeks, so continue to create content and promote it.

      • Jade
        31.10.2017 at 05:55

        Thanks for the response. That is probably the problem; the group is only 2 weeks old.
        Would the amount of members in the group affect its presence in the search results? (E.G. would a group with only 1 or 2 members be omitted?)

      • Jade
        06.12.2017 at 08:23

        My group is almost two months old now and there is still no sign of it in the search results. Are there any other possible causes?

        • Konstantin Kanin
          13.01.2018 at 14:45

          Please ask VK support if they can help.

      • Ana
        26.02.2019 at 16:26

        Hi, I am very new to VK. I found a community or person who posts lots of wonderful books. The problem is it goes on forever and the website crashes when I keep scrolling forever. I have noticed some sites or a community that has pages at the top. How can I get they site to show how many pages so that I can see all the books at different times instead of scrolling forever?

        • Konstantin Kanin
          26.02.2019 at 16:35

          Hi, can you give an example of a community with page numbers at the top?

  • Giuseppe
    21.02.2018 at 15:40

    Very nice article, thanks for sharing knowledge.

    Just a simple question. I was using vk before with public page and group and it was possible to invite people not on your friend list. Now I see they changed a lot in management of page and it looks like is not possible anymore. I can invite only people in my friend list. Is it true or there’s something I am missing?

    • Konstantin Kanin
      14.04.2018 at 20:38

      Yes, you can only invite your friends now.

  • Willy Macfly
    02.06.2018 at 23:37

    After being banned from Facebook for NO reason whatsoever, I decided to join VK instead, despite the fact that it seems to be targeted primarily for Russian.
    I have a PC gaming news website, and although your article is great and super detailed, I’m still unsure as to which I should choose for such a website, group or page(it doesn’t say specifically FANpage)
    My website:
    It would seem that group is better, but I see a few comments complaining, so I’m not sure…

    • Konstantin Kanin
      29.03.2019 at 15:52

      It depends on your strategy on VK, what kind of content you’d like to create (only your own or UGC?), which sections you’d like to use etc.

      Have a look at this post about group and public page differences:

  • kevin burns
    11.07.2018 at 12:02

    Is there a way to upload videos without letting other people add the videos to their page?

  • Christina
    17.01.2019 at 23:59

    if i am managing a page on and i add a contact as an admin .. how can i make that contact invisible on the community wall?

  • Udtqc
    02.03.2019 at 12:34

    Great article, Konstantin, thank you! One question: I have a closed group and I want to avoid people can add videos to their public lists. I saw somewhere videos where you can “add only to a private list”. How can I set that for the videos in my group?

    • Martin
      03.05.2019 at 21:40

      Hello, how can I delete VK group (community) which I don’t need anymore, pls?

  • Géza Kiss
    17.04.2019 at 09:35

    Hi, Konstantin,

    Do you have information about how to manage group messages through the VK application (iOS)? Unfortunately, only see on a desktop version.

    Many thanks,

  • Kasia
    25.06.2019 at 20:33


    Do you know if there is a possibility to tag a product on the post? There is the same option like on Facebook :)

  • Selim
    29.06.2019 at 09:29

    Hello Konstantin, I have a question which I couldn’t find answer to on the web. Is it possible to reply and comment with group profile? We have a group for our brand and there are also fan pages of our brand. We want to reply comments and questions which are on fan pages with our group profile. If it is not possible, what do you recomment about replying official way? (we can’t rename our VK profile with brand, not human names allowed) Thanks.

  • Santosh Mondal
    10.09.2019 at 12:48

    How can one delete a vk group or business page. Plz help.

  • Aman
    12.12.2019 at 20:49

    I’ve a question relating to online activity showing. From my first check where I’m add with my friend profile it’s last seen of yesterday 10 o’clock but when I checked from other ID from it show there 8 am. What is this? She didn’t block me so why this happening like this?

  • Nicolas YAO
    27.12.2019 at 11:26

    Hello, do you know why can’t I find the Join Community button on my group? My group is

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