Top-8 Russian blockchain communities

Blockchain and cryptocurrency community is growing rapidly in Russia and in the Russian-speaking web in general. In 2017, 17% of all ICO and pre-ICO were held in Eastern Europe, which in general managed to attract 22% of global capital ($1.28 bn). Among 1.5 thousand of total ICOs around the world 130 were held in Russia.

As in any market that is actively involved in the development and promotion of the blockchain, specialized portals and communities have appeared in Russia. In this post I have collected the most popular of them. Hundreds of thousands of Russian-speaking users related to the topic of crypto currency and blockchain visit them.

If your task is to attract Russian users to your blockchain project, you should definitely take into account the advertising possibilities on these sites, social profiles and Telegram channels.

ForkLog 71K followers 22K 21K 20K

BitNovosti 26K 31K 77K

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DeCenter 111K
Media kit:
email: 9K 11K

Pro Blockchain 15K 9K 42K

Bitsmedia 4K 2,6K 42K

ProfitGid 20K daily 10K 6K 900

ProBTC 2K 11K 5K 2,5K

Other Telegram blockchain channels: 19K 22K 16K 15K 13K 21K

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