How to make lead generation campaign on VK?

Just like on Facebook, VK also allows you to collect leads, i.e. contact information of your potential customers.

Lead generation ads on VK look like this:

Fanpage name, short text, image, call-to-action and button. After clicking on the button the user is taken to a form that we can set in different ways:

In general, the process of lead generation on VK consists of three steps:

  • adding the lead generation app to your fanpage or group;
  • creating a lead form using this app;
  • running an ad that directs a user to this form.

Let’s go through each step.

Step 1. Add an app for collecting leads

Go to your group or fanpage settings and select “Applications” from the right menu.

Among the applications, find the “Форма сбора заявок”, or “Application form” (calm down, the rest of the parameters will be in English), click “Add” and in the window that opens, select the community which you want to add this application to.

Step 2. Create a lead form

After adding go back to your community, and again go to settings, then “Applications”. The app should appear at the top.

Click “Go to the app settings” then “Add form” to add your first lead form.

A form editor will appear, such as in my example at the beginning of this blogpost.

Enter the name of the form (only you will see it), add the title of the form (the user will see it) and a description. In the description it’s better to explain with more details for what purpose the user should send you his data, what he receives (for example, a feedback from your manager), in what time frame (for example, within 12 hours).

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Then choose what data you want to receive (e.g. first name, last name, phone number, email). When the user opens a form, some data will already be filled in — VK will automatically take it from the user’s profile.

You can also add up to five additional questions if you want. Questions can be open (with an input field) or closed (with a field to choose from). I’ll translate the answer types given on the screenshot in Russian:

  • text (one line)
  • text (paragraph)
  • one answer from the list
  • multiple answers from the list
  • drop-down list of answers

Then the field is mandatory — a link to your privacy policy. You can publish it on your website or in the discussion section (see my blogpost about community settings) on your fanpage or group.

Add a thank you text that appears when the user submits the form. You can also add a link to your site or community.

And a few more additional parameters:

  • select whether to prevent the same user from submitting the form multiple times;
  • specify the users who will receive notifications about new leads;
  • enter email addresses for notifications;
  • and enter the name of your retargeting pixel to gather the audience that opened your form.

Where to find the name of a pixel? Go to the VK ad manager and on the left menu select Retargeting. Then by clicking on the name of a pixel, select Edit. In the description below you will find the text “To use pixel in JavaScript API, you need its code: VK-RTRG-XXXXXX-XXXXX“. This is the name of your Pixel.

Check out my video on how to create and install a retargeting pixel:

OK, we have all the form settings, you can click Save form.

Step 3. Setting up ads for lead generation

Once we have a ready form to collect leads, we can use it in advertising.

I’ve described the whole process of creating ads on VK, targeting settings and other parameters in my tutorial. But in the case of lead generation, it’s essential to add a few nuances of creating such ads.

First of all, when creating your ad, choose Lead Capture Form:

A list of ready-to-use lead collection forms will appear, and among them you should see the one you just created. Click “Create ad” next to it:


And then you have to go through the standard ad settings: add a short text, upload a photo or video, add a title with call-to-action and choose a button.

For lead generation ads like, I recommend using buttons assuming that the user does not have to buy anything yet, but only leave their contacts to find out the details of the offer, for example, “Fill out”, “More” or “Contact”.

Unlike regular campaigns, in this case a separate column with the number of received leads will appear in the statistics:

But in order to get a file with leads you need to go back to the settings of the fanpage or group, then go to “Applications”, choose “Go to the app settings” and click Download next to your form that collects leads to download the XLS file:


A well-created lead generation campaign is only half the battle. Do not forget to fulfill what promised in your ads and form description :)

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