How to work with Russian moms online

The audience of moms is considered one of the most popular. With the advent of children, women spend a lot of  time at home (in Russia, maternity leave is 3 years) and are often isolated from the offline world. The solution is online — communication is moving there, as well as shopping. On social networks, mothers find emotional support from family and friends, and read the news. In addition, mothers are looking for advice on the Internet, and are also ready to give advice themselves.

The numbers confirm:

  • 96% of moms use the Internet,
  • on average, mothers spend 3.5 hours on the Internet every day,
  • 63% of mothers use mobile devices to access the Internet – it makes it easier to be in touch with the world

The main interests of moms on the Internet are, of course, topics related to motherhood and family. Based on the data of the female app, the following can be indicated.

Top themes for moms looks like this:

  • child health (57%);
  • babies 0+ (49%);
  • family (46%);
  • health (45%);
  • cooking (43%);
  • psychology (40%);
  • pregnancy (34%);
  • breastfeeding (33%);
  • personal care (34%);
  • childbirth (27%).

However, smaller numbers are also interesting — 26% of users indicated an interest in fashion and 20% chose “shopping” as an interest. It provides an opportunity for online stores and brands to expand their audience.

25% of moms chose “handmade” as their interest — and this is a potential target audience both for manufacturers of goods for handicrafts and for marketplaces that women can use to sell their products. 

24% of users indicate that they are interested in fitness, 16% in sports, 11% in swimming, 10% in dancing, 10% in yoga, 6% in running. All of this proves the relevance of offers from sports studios to sportswear and also healthy eating.

It needs to mention some separate things that are especially significant for mothers on maternity leave. These are reviews and communication with other moms. In Russia, review websites are very popular among mothers (like, Trust Pilot,, and it’s clear why. During maternity leave, it is more difficult for women to choose products offline, and it is easier to read reviews from other users – after reading several reviews on a product, it is easier for mothers to make a purchase decision. This fact should be kept in mind and actively used on the brand’s social networks – no one can tell you about your brand better than your users. Communication with mothers is also important – and this is a separate phenomenon of forums for mothers and pregnant women, popular also nowadays. On the forums, women discuss both everyday issues and share opinions about brands and services. Brands can use this knowledge and implement it. Give users the opportunity to use your website/platform/social networks as a place for discussion, communication and reviews. This way you build a community around your brand and gather your audience in one place.

Nowadays, mothers on maternity leave are focused not only on children, but also on their own hobbies and interests. When the child grows up, they start to devote even more time to themselves. In Russia, many mothers with kids over 3 and under 18 years old come back to  work and try to balance between family and work.

As it was already mentioned, mothers spend a lot of time on the Internet. They are very social in their digital lives. Instagram is the main social network for moms in Russia.

In addition to the fact that they publish a lot of content about their lives, mothers also actively follow influencers. Therefore, advertising with insta-moms consistently brings clients to brands that target this audience. There are reasons for this: moms in 75% of cases recommend brands that they like, and, therefore, gratefully accept the recommendations of others.

Personalization has also played an important role in the attraction of  women’s attention. It is important for mothers to have a personalized offer not only for herself, but also for her child. There is data confirming  that women with children (moms) are 1.5 times more likely to agree to personalized offers from brands than women without children.

Among the trends in marketing, it is worth highlighting native ads, VR and AR tools. Let’s explain why.

Interesting and useful content on social networks which are popular among moms’ audience helps to increase brand awareness, trust, and loyalty. As for VR and AR, everything is quite simple – technologies help busy women to get the virtual experience of interacting with brands, as well as, for example, try on clothes and even check how the furniture fit your place without leaving home.

Summarizing all of the above, we can highlight the main criterias for choosing a product among moms audience:

  • Free shipping.
  • Reviews — 40% of moms talk about the importance of knowing someone else’s experience when buying online.
  • WORD-OF-MOUTH, both online and offline, also plays an important role. 75% of moms admitted that they recommend their favorite brands to friends and family. This also applies to forums.
  • Price.

All this knowledge helped our agency to conduct a successful campaign for a European manufacturer of baby strollers. In our work, we relied on the following points:

  • We were communicating to the target audience all the necessary information about the brand’s products in the most understandable language with the help of different types of content — video posts with reviews of products and its functions, photo posts with customer reviews, photo-posts describing goods.

  • It was also important to keep in touch with the target audience and help in the selection of products.
  • In addition, we were sharing with the moms audience useful information that would be helpful in their motherhood, and  also kept in touch with users by asking them about their parenting experience.

Six months after the start of the campaign, we received the following results: CTR – 1.5% and 1.6 million impressions. At the same time, high-quality ads campaigns on social networks helped us to save the client’s budget, because ads were seen only by those who needed a baby stroller at that moment.

The client was satisfied: “The dacompany agency can be recommended for cooperation. During our work, it was necessary to prepare a strategy for brand communication with potential customers in the Russian market. The dacompany team demonstrated great dedication, exemplary communication and good knowledge of the market in which they operate”.

We can say that the most important thing in marketing for moms is caring. For a woman who spends part of her life on maternity leave with one child or more, it is important to simplify life, as well as solve problems and close needs as quickly as possible.

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